Denomas customers, suppliers and business partners take care to fulfillour responsibilities listed below against society and humanity.

OUR RESPONSIBILITIES TOour customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, our competitors, society and humanity

Our Business Ethics Rules

  • 1. SCOPE
    Business ethics rules adopted by Denomas Audit Otomasyon and adopted by the General Assembly with the establishment of the Quality Management System on 25.01.2011, are obliged to comply with the responsibilities of all employees in Denomas and third parties who are involved in the decision-making mechanism of the Company or provide services in the form of external consultancy. are rules and are the main guiding and management principles that employees will take as a basis in conducting their relations with third parties and within the company. The General Assembly, the Quality Management Representative and / or the employee appointed by the management are responsible for the preparation, development and updating of these rules, and the General Assembly and the Board of Managers are responsible for their execution. Denomas Code of Business Ethics is an integral part of the Quality Management System.
    • A. Honesty
      Accuracy and honesty are our priority values in all our business processes and relationships. We act with integrity and honesty in our relations with employees and all our stakeholders.
    • B. Privacy
      Confidential and proprietary information; information that may create a disadvantage in terms of denomas competition, trade secrets, yet publicly available financial and other information, including information about personal rights of employees and customers personal data with third parties and concluded that “confidentiality agreements” in the frame covers the information. Everyone who starts to work at Denomas signs the Confidentiality Agreement of Denomas, in which the privacy rights of all kinds of institutions / organizations and persons that are in contact during the course of the work are determined and approved. Care is taken to protect the confidentiality and private information of our customers, employees and other relevant persons and organizations we work with. Confidential information regarding the activities of the Company is protected, this information is only shared with the relevant persons within the authorizations previously determined by the General Assembly and / or the managers to be authorized. It is absolutely unacceptable to obtain any commercial interest by leaking any confidential information or personal data belonging to Denomas. While leaving our company, confidential information and documents we have due to our duties and projects, regulations, etc. studies are not taken out. When faced with such a situation, the provisions of the Confidentiality Agreement are followed.
    • C. Conflict of Interest
      Denomas employees stay away from conflict of interest. Employees cannot gain personal benefit from persons, institutions and organizations with whom they have business relations personally, through their family or relatives, by taking advantage of their current duties or titles. In the event of a potential conflict of interest, the safe protection of the interests of the relevant parties is guaranteed by legal and ethical methods.
    • D. Our Responsibilities
      Apart from legal responsibilities, we take care to fulfill our responsibilities to our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, our competitors, society and humanity, as listed below.

      • 1. Our Legal Responsibilities
        I T laws of the Republic of Turkey and conduct our work within the framework of international law, the right to regulatory authorities and institutions, complete and understandable information is submitted on time. While conducting all our works, we are at an equal distance from all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative organizations and political parties without any expectation of benefit and our obligations are fulfilled with this sense of responsibility.
      • 2. Our Responsibilities Towards Society and Humanity
        It is very important for us to protect democracy, human rights and the environment, education and charity work, the elimination of crime and corruption. Acting responsibly as a pioneer in social matters with the awareness of being a good citizen, material and moral participation is shown in non-governmental organizations, in services for the public benefit, and in activities appropriate to these issues. It is against child labor, which negatively affects the mental, spiritual and social development of children, and does not allow the abuse of child labor. No bribes and / or commissions, gifts, etc. products and services are not offered, provided or accepted. No gifts that are indirect, implied or explicitly linked to anything in return are accepted.
      • 3. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers
        With a customer satisfaction-oriented approach, it is aimed to respond to the needs of our customers in the shortest time and in the most accurate way. In line with this purpose, it is ensured that the quality standards required for the satisfaction of our customers are established and followed. Our services are offered on time and under promised conditions, and a fair approach is shown to our customers within the framework of respect and courtesy rules.
      • 4. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Colleagues
        It is ensured that employees’ personal rights are used fully and correctly. Employees are committed to an honest and fair, non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. Necessary effort and support is shown for the personal development of the employees. Employees are encouraged to volunteer for social activities they want to take part in with a sense of social responsibility. It is treated considering the balance between business life and private life. Employees will not be privileged on the grounds that they are of a different gender, religion or race, nor are they expected to be privileged if they are of a different gender, religion or race. It is not compromised and / or made by making use of differences such as gender, religion, race. If privileges are shown due to gender, religion or race differences, or if any employee is harassed, humiliated, discriminatory or defamatory, or violated physical or emotional immunity, this attitude will not be tolerated. In such cases, the General Assembly examines the event, makes its investigation and evaluates it. Such behavior may result in dismissal for justifiable reasons.
      • 5. Our Responsibilities Towards Denomas
        Unnecessary or unmanageable risks are avoided by giving priority to Denomas’ continuity and the goal of creating value for our stakeholders. We act within the framework of financial discipline and accountability. Employees manage Denomas’ resources with efficiency and savings awareness while performing their duties within their authority and responsibilities.
      • 6. Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers / Business Partners
        Employees treat our suppliers and business partners fairly and respectfully as expected. Due care is given to fulfill the obligations within this scope on time. The confidential information of the people and organizations we do business with and our business partners are carefully protected.
      • 7. Responsibilities to Our Competitors
        Competition is seen as a tool for sustainable development with its limits aiming at the benefit of society. Competition is only possible in areas that are legal and ethical. We avoid engaging in unfair competition and do not discredit our competitors secretly and / or openly.
      • 8. Managers’ Responsibilities
        Denomas managers have additional responsibilities beyond the responsibilities that have been defined for employees. Accordingly, those at the executive level at Denomas:

        • Ensuring the establishment and maintenance of a corporate culture and working environment that supports ethical rules,
        • To set an example for the implementation of ethical rules with their behavior, to educate their employees about ethical rules,
        • Supporting its employees in submitting their questions, complaints and notifications regarding ethical rules,
        • To provide guidance when consulted and to consider all notifications without prejudice,
        • He is primarily responsible for ensuring that the business processes under his responsibility are structured in a way that minimizes ethical risks.
    Denomas is responsible for presenting the Code of Business Ethics as a part of the orientation program given to each new employee, in a way that all third parties involved in the decision-making mechanism or providing services in the form of external consultancy can read and understand. Denomas managers and / or Quality Management System Representative and / or employees appointed by the management are responsible for informing the parties. Denomas managers and / or Quality Management System Representative and / or employees assigned by the management are also responsible for the use of the means specified by the Quality Management Standards in order to announce and obtain information in case of changes in the rules.